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    New Changes and New Life…

    I have strayed away from blogging over the past year.  I will be honest that I just have been too busy trying to get our life back on track!  The past few months have not been easy but we have managed to survive!  Now we are happily trying to settle in and make plans for our new life.  Here are some changes that has happened over the past 11 months…

    #1  The server the old blog was hosted on went down.  The backups for it were all corrupted.  Two years worth of work gone in a blink of an eye! I do believe everything always happens for a reason.  Knowing  there was absolutely no way to recover any of my previous work allowed me to take some time to focus on what to do next.  This means having to start it all over from scratch.  It seems fitting as we are starting life over a new start can also mean some much needed changes and upgrades to the blog too!  Please bear with me as I try to run my little farm, put down roots and settle in all at the same time!  WHEW! I’m tired thinking about it all.

    #2  Life had brought me some changes in September & October of 2012.  My step-mother who had terminal ovarian cancer past away and the apartments we were living decided BIG DOGS were not allowed.  This meant we had to move quickly.  My mother loving took us in and after receiving some inheritance money we began the quest to find a place to live.  A few months of chaos and lots of drama later, we are FINALLY in our “forever home”.


    #3  This begins our journey of living a frugal country life on 3 acres in a brand new Clayton manufactured home.  Chickens, gardening, planning and moving is consuming my life!  Farm life has its challenges and rewards!  It is a trial by fire at times filled with hilarious stories about my daily life getting my egg business going, chasing Lulu away from the chickens and attempting to garden in the middle of the worst drought in years.  We have wonderful plans for our little farm.


    Even though I am doing all these things I am also doing some great frugal things I would love to share with everyone.  I hope this blog becomes more about living frugally, sustainably and less about couponing!  Don’t get me wrong I still LOVE a good deal but I’m 15 miles from the nearest grocery store!  This makes it hard to “deal” shop everyday!  I hope y’all continue to follow me on my fantastic new journey of being a country girl AGAIN!!!

    Happy Living Y’all!